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Subaru 2″ Centrifugal Pump

Subaru 2″ Centrifugal Pump

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Product Description:
- 2″ suction/discharge, 163 gpm, maximum head of 101 feet.
- Lightweight, Die-Cast Aluminum Pump Housing offers durability against damaging debris.
- Spheroidal Graphite Cast-Iron Volute ensures superior performance and extends service life.
- Wear-resistant, Heavy Duty Cast-Iron Impeller reduces maintenance.
- Premium Carbon Ceramic Mechanical Seal. Our shim system on the impeller provides longer pump life.
- Steel tubular wrap frame protects the pump, engine and all components from damage.
- Subaru 4.3 HP Technologically-advanced overhead cam (OHC) engines offer quieter operation, easier starting and increased longevity. All models include Low Oil Shutdown which automatically shuts off the engine when low oil level is detected.